StuG IV - the new premium tank in the World of Tanks

Review of the new StuG IV AT-SPG

Soon Germans will be able to receive one more premium AT SPG tank of the fifth level! This time it will be a modification of the StuG.

The front armor of this tank is worthy respect - 80mm. There are screens on each side. However it isn't recommended to show boards as the vertical armor on boards and aft has thickness only 20-30 mm…

The tool of this AT SPG tank will have good accuracy – dispersion is only 0,35 meters on each 100 meters of the distance. The gun has very fast aiming- 1,6 seconds! Penetration with the basic shell (110 mm) will allow hitting in the forehead all tanks of the same level in the vulnerable points . The small single damage (110 units) is compensated by excellent rate of fire – more than 16 shots per minute.

The 300 horsepower engine will burn in 20% of cases; the speed of movement of the tank across the field of fight will make up to 38 km/h. Perhaps, it is the most uninteresting detail of the tank.

Speed of turn at the upland is 44 degrees a second therefore it will be difficult to whirl this AT SPG.

The good portable transmitter with a radius of action of 620 m will promote comfortable game.

The review of the tank is short even for the 5th level. To find AT SPG disguised in bushes will be difficult, but in this case StuG IV will see nothing until being run into it. Therefore, future owners should think how they will cope with this problem (horns, optics and perks of crew are at their disposal).

These are preliminary technical characteristics of the tank which may remain only in the test version. Nevertheless, we look forward to the new StuG IV!


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