Heavyweight fight


Active time: -

Battle tactics: to take damage and to cause damage.


To fulfill the fighting task the player should cause considerable damage to the enemies as well as take damage from them. The title of honor Fire for effect and damage, caused and taken, are taken into account. The winner is defined by multiplication of the average number of the titles Fire for effect per fight by the average total of the damage caused and taken per fight.



Clause: the player should participate in more than 100 fights during the active period of the fighting task.


Attention! For this fighting task the Coins of WoTActions.com WON’T be given out! Instead Game gold, directly, will be added on the accounts of World of Tanks within 2 weeks after the completion of the fighting task.


Good luck!

from 4 up to 10150
from 11 up to 20100
from 21 up to 4550
from 46 up to 9030
from 91 up to 18020
from 181 up to 36010

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