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Battle tactics: to support the allies with fire.

In the course of this task it is necessary to work only for the team, to support your comrades with fire, to damage opponents, leaving frag for the allies. What is taken into account: award Support (the participant receives 3000 points for each award), average damage necessary for receiving one frag, number of the carried-out battles and shooting accuracy. Thus, the winner is defined by the greatest number calculated according to the following formula ((3000*a/b) + (with / b)) * (e/f), where a stands for the number of the medals Support, b – number of battles, c – damage caused , d – number of the destroyed opponents, e – hits, f – number of the shots made. In the final list of the participants, among who the winners will be chosen, will get only those players who managed to destroy more than 300 enemies.

Attention! Coins of WoTActions.com won't be added to the winners , the award will be placed directly to the game accounts of World of Tanks as game gold!

Good luck on the battlefields!

from 4 up to 10150
from 11 up to 20100
from 21 up to 4550
from 46 up to 9030
from 91 up to 18020
from 181 up to 36010

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