About the project

WoTActions.com gives you a unique opportunity to receive gold in the world famous game World of Tanks absolutely free by taking prize places in competitions, presented on the site. In order to participate in the competition you just need to log in with the OpenID. That means that we neither know nor save any of your register data, which is kept at Wargaming. You only agree on our processing of your statistics, which is presented by the official WoT.

For making it possible to take into account the achievements of the participants the special conventional units- coins- have been implemented. The main way to get coins is to participate in WoTActions.com competitions. The winners get the prizes during the competition, where their achievements in the game of World of Tanks are taken into account. Determination of the place in the array of results is done automatically. 

The conditions and the time limits of competitions are determined solely by the administrations of the site. Nevertheless desires of the participants may also be taken into account, this will be considered by the administration in every particular situation. The time of registration in the competition is chosen specifically for every competition and is available till the start of the competition. The actual status is given in the description of the competition and may be as follows: "New", "Registration", "Active", "Collection of the results", "Completed". Registration is available when the competition has the respective status. To register in the competition you need to press the green button Registration in the description of the competition. All competitions have a list of minimal requirements which allow you to participate. For example, presence or absence of Coins, the percentage of won battles, number of battles taken part in as well as number of victories and defeats and etc. Please pay attention to the fact that participant ion in some competitions will not be for free. This means that for the participation in the competition some coins will be taken from the user's account! The cost of the competition will vary depending on the value of the prize. For example, there are some free of charge competitions, in which it is quite easy to become a winner, but in this case the amount of the coins paid will be not much. There are as well some competitions with more valuable prizes, such as a month of premium account, a considerable amount of gold, equipment of premium quality. These will require some coins for the participation. One more condition for the participation is the minimal and maximal number of the participants in the competition. If there are be not enough participants, the competition definitely will not take place. That's why be sure to share the link of the competition with your friends, who enjoy the game. Let it be noted, the more participants are needed for the competitions the more valuable prizes there will be.

The collection of the results is done automatically and starts right after the competition is completed. Attention! The game statistics of the user on the World of Tanks server is updated after the completion of the session by the user. To put it simpler, in order to update the statistics you need to log out of the game. There can be delay because of the data caching. Moreover there may also be some time needed for the collection and processing of the results, consequently the distribution of the places and the distribution of the Coins is done several hours after the completion of the competition. 

If happens that the mechanism of processing of the results of the competition for some reasons failed to work properly thus leading to incorrect results, distribution of places and rewards, administration has the right to either leave the results as they are or delete the competition with all the results. All error reports will be considered thoroughly and are sure to be corrected. Users which have noticed the most important errors, which may cause damage to the project, will be rewarded.

The one and only way to get Gold from the official site for the users is the advertisement on the site.

Participating in the competitions doesn't require any financial investment from the users and doesn't oblige the participants in any way. On the other hand the administration of the site WoTActions.com has the right to suspend the exchange of the Coins to the gold at any time. But with a steady income from the advertisement placed on the site such suspensions are highly unlikely.

Coins are conventional units of wotactions.com and cannot be bought, only won in the competitions on the site. Gold for the participants of the competitions is bought by the administration of the site from the official site World of Tanks.

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Настроение сайта - это показатель эффективности и активности пользователей сайта. Индикаторная полоса показывает текущий результат по отношению к текущему дню(московское время). Смайлик над индикатором описывает перспективы достижения цели.
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