Online competition participation rules

The rules are quite simple. In order to participate you need:

  • To be logged in our website. To do that, please, press the button Enter in the right hand top corner. After you have logged in you will see in that same corner your nickname and the number of the Coins you have on your account.
  • You also have to attach your phone number to your account. You can do that by following the link
  • Please shut down the advert disabler. If you have the advert disabler installed, please, be sure to add our site in the exception list to participate in the competition. When you have the disabler on, on top in the center of the page you will see the message in the red background and in the chat to the right of your messages there will be a blue band.
  • To press the green button “I am online”, that is on top of the chat. After it’s pressed it turns grey and the countdown till the nearest draw appears. When the cursor is on the button in the tooltip the current number of the participants is displayed.
  • By the algorithm "casual choice" bonus chances are used automatically, the number of the bonus chances you have you can see in your profile.
    Due to each bonus chance you appear in the list the additional number of times equal to amount of your bonus chances.
    For example, Tom and Anna decided to participate in the online competition, but they have no bonus chances. Then the list of the participants will look like this: Tom, Anna.
    If it happens that Tom has one bonus chance, the list will be like this: Anna, Tom, Tom .
    One more example in which Tom has 3 bonus chances, and Anna has 5 bonus chances: Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna .
  • By default the bonus chances (BC) are given by one unit each time when you participate in the online competition until you’ve won. To increase the amount of the coins distributed, you should invite your friends. The more active friends you have (the status of activity can be seen in the list of your friends), the more bonus chances are charged for each participation (but not more than 5). You can also get bonus chances when the active participant of your village wins in the online competition (1 bonus chance), in case you are active at the time of the victory of your friend. The active participant is the participant who has the attached his/her phone number to the account and the date of the last activity is no more than one day ago. So don't forget to invite your friends and to remind them to stay active on our site.
  • The winner of the competition is chosen in a random way out of the list of the participants who have fulfilled requirements described above. Further on your good luck will bring you Coins which can be exchanged for free for the game gold of the World of Tanks!
  • Algorithms used:

    Highway to beginners

    - the first, random participant with the minimum number of victories online competition gets chosen. Probability of this algorithm is 25%. br>

    Maximum profit

    -- the participant who brought the maximum profit to the project from the financial point of view gets chosen. Probability of this algorithm is 25%. If there are no participants corresponding to this algorithm, then “random choice" is used.

    Random choice

    - random choice. Probability of this algorithm makes 50%.

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